Details of the fees on Consular Services by the Consulate General Office are given below:

Payments can be made only by cash when you pay at the Consulate General Office. If you pay by a postal order/money order/bank draft it should be drawn in favour of “Consulate General of Sri Lanka”.

Kindly note that Personal cheques or credit/debit cards are not accepted as per Sri Lankan financial regulations.

 Passport fees

a. Application for a new passport                                               – A$ 180/-

b. New passport for Minor applicants                                          – A$ 135/-

c. New passport in lieu of a lost passport                                    – A$ 400/-

d. Emergency Passport (NMRP)

i. NMRP only                                                                            – A$   70/-

ii. With the application for a new passport                                   – A$  30/-        

iii. NMRP in lieu of a lost passport                                               – A$ 180/-                                      

Postal charges where applicable                                                 – A$  10/-

e. Alterations or amendments in passports

i. Renewal of Passport for 05 years                                              – A$ 17.50

ii. Change of Profession                                                               – A$ 15/-

iii. Change of Name, Deletion of children from parents’

 passports & other alternations                                                   – A$ 11/-


Visa Fees (Visit/Business)

a.Up to 30 days with Single or Double entry (ETA fee only)             – A$ 50/-

b. Up to 90 days with single entry visit visa for Australian passport

 holders                                                                                     – A$ 93/-

(This fee may vary for other nationalities)

c. Up to 90 days with double entry visit visa for Australian passport

 holders                                                                                   – A$ 136/-

Postal charges where applicable                                                   – A$ 10/-

(Passport holders of other countries other than Australia would kindly request to check the relevant country fee prior to visa application) 


Registration of Births outside Sri Lanka

a. Registration of a birth within one year period                             – A$ 100/-

b. Each elapsing year from the first year (per year)                         – A$  12/-

c. Fee for an additional copy of Birth Certificate                             – A$ 25/-         


Registration of Marriages

  i. Notice of Marriage                                                                  – A$ 25/-

  ii. Registration of Marriage                                                         – A$ 25/-

  iii. Registration of Marriage under special license                           – A$ 50/-

Additional copy of Marriage Certificate                                           – A$  25/-

5. Police Clearance Certificate-                                                     – A$ 70/-

6. Power of Attorney/ Affidavit/Certification, Authentication and Attestation of documents     – A$ 35/-                                                                                                                               


7. Verification of Sri Lankan Driver’s License                                   – A$ 35/-