Sri Lanka Investment and Business Conclave 2018

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce presents an opportunity to be
introduced to the emerging preferred destination for investments in Asia –
Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Investment and Business Conclave 2018 offers the perfect blend
of opportunities aimed at enriching institutional, corporate and individual
investors and business houses with a comprehensive set of guidelines for
their investment decisions, and act as a networking opportunity for
introductions to potential business partners with a view of establishing
partnerships in Sri Lanka.

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A part of the attendees

Sri Lankan Business and Investment Promotion in Melbourne

Sri Lankan Business and Investment Promotion in Melbourne

The State Government of Victoria in association with the Consulate General of Sri Lanka and Aus- Lanka Business Council organised a well-attended networking reception to recognise mutual opportunities for trade and investment between Sri Lanka and Victoria on 23rd February 2018 at the Investment Centre of Victoria in Melbourne. The event was hosted by Hon. Philip Dalidakis, MP, and Minister for Trade Investment, Innovation and Digital Economy, Small Business and International Education of Victoria.

The Hon. Frank McGuire, MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business and Innovation representing the State Government of Victoria delivered a speech highlighting the longstanding and mutually beneficial relationship between the State of Victoria and Sri Lanka. Hon. McGuire stated that the State Government of Victoria is focusing on business/investment opportunities between Victoria and Sri Lanka in key areas such as education, agriculture, infrastructure, tourism etc. Hon. McGuire also announced that Hon. Philip Dalidakis and Ms. Michelle Wade, Trade Commissioner- South Asia of the Victorian Sate Government will be undertaking a visit to Sri Lanka in March 2018 to further explore trade and investment opportunities and also to consolidate existing relations between the two sides.

Delivering his remarks at the event, Mr. W.G.S. Prasanna, Consul General of Sri Lanka for Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania in Melbourne conveyed the appreciation of the Government of Sri Lanka to the State Government of Victoria for hosting the event and underlined the salient aspects of the enduring partnership between Sri Lanka and Australia. The Consul General also highlighted the potential areas for trade and investment in Sri Lanka and invited Victorian business community to invest in Sri Lanka.

Ms. Dilkie Perera, National President of the Aus-Lanka Business Council also addressed the gathering.

The event provided an opportunity for over 100 participants to interact and discuss trade, business and investment opportunities. Mr. Abdul Raheem, Consul/Trade of the Consulate General of Sri Lanka in Sydney was also present and assisted the participants in providing information relating to trade and investment opportunities available in Sri Lanka.

The audience was treated to an exquisite Sri Lankan cultural performance which comprised traditional Sri Lankan dancing and drumming.

Consulate General of Sri Lanka Melbourne

26th February 2018

Cultural Performances

Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Independence of Sri Lanka in Melbourne

Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Independence of Sri Lanka in Melbourne

The Office of the Consulate General of Sri Lanka in Melbourne with the assistance of the Sri Lankan expatriate community and the State Government of Victoria organised the celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Independence of Sri Lanka in the evening of 4 February 2018 at the Kingston City Hall, Moorabbin, Melbourne. The official flag hoisting ceremony was held at the Office of the Consulate General in the morning.

The celebration commenced with the singing of the national anthem in Sinhala and Tamil and observance of two minutes silence in memory of those who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the nation, lighting of the traditional oil lamp followed by multi-faith religious observances conducted by the clergy of all four religions who blessed Sri Lanka and its people.

Hon. Philip Dalidakis, Member of Parliament, Victorian Minister for Trade & Investment, Innovation & the Digital Economy, Small Business represented the Premier of Victoria while Hon. Inga Peulich, Member of Legislative Council, Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs, represented the Leader of the Opposition of the Victorian Parliament who proffered felicitations of the Government and the Opposition to Sri Lanka and its people. A video message by the Premier of Victoria congratulating Sri Lanka and its people on this important anniversary was also relayed to the audience.

Hon. Bruce Atkinson, the President of the Legislative Council of Victoria (Upper House of the State Parliament), Hon. Dr Samantha Ratnam, Member of Legislative Council and Leader of the Victorian Greens, Mr. Jude Perera, Member of Parliament and number of other political dignitaries of Victoria, Mayors and City Councillors, Senior Government Officials, Chairperson of the Victorian Multicultural Commission, University Academics and members of the Consular Corps were in attendance at the event.

One of the highlights of the event was the splendid cultural performances, presented before 700-strong audience, which depicted rich cultural heritage of Sri Lanka and performed by children of Sri Lankan origin in Melbourne.

One of the most significant items of the event was the felicitation of group of 19 brilliant students of Sri Lankan origin who achieved highest academic excellence in their Victoria Certificate of Education Examination of last year. Political Dignitaries of Victoria and several academics of Sri Lankan origin who hold very senior academic positions in the best universities in Melbourne joined the Consul General in felicitating these students.

The Consulate General of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

05th February 2018

Collection of Biometrics from passport

Collection of Biometrics from passport applicants who apply passports through Sri Lankan Missions Abroad

The Department of Immigration and Emigration introduces mandatory collection of biometrics (finger prints and digital face image) from passport applicants and Automated Finger Print Identification (AFIS) for the applicants who apply for passports via Sri Lanka Missions Abroad with effect from 01st December 2017.

Therefore, any individual applying for Sri Lankan Passport at this office on or after 01st December 2017 are kindly requested to provide biometric data and AFIS to the Department of immigration & Emigration upon his/her first entry to Sri Lanka.

The necessary facilities will be available at the Head office and Regional Branches of the Department of Immigration & Emigration, of which details are given below:

01. Head Office: Suhurupaya, Sri Subhuthipura Road, Battaramulla (TP: +94 11 5329000)

02. Regional Offices:
I) Matara – 9, Sri Vijaya Building, Rahula Road, Matara (TP: +94 41 5412212)

II) Kandy – 42/3 Sangaraja Mawatha, Kandy (TP: +94 81 5624470)

III) Vavuniya – JC 23, Outer Circle Road, Vavuniya (TP: +94 25 5676344)

IV) Kurunegala – 129, Dambulla Road, Kurunegala (TP: +94 37 55505620)

Consulate General of Sri Lanka

Important Notice

Important Notice
The Department of Immigration & Emigration of Sri Lanka has instructed not to accept incomplete Dual Citizenship applications.

Therefore, the Consulate General will not accept/ entertain any incomplete application/s for dual citizenship with immediate effect.

All prospective applicant/s are advised to follow instructions given in the following link/s in the website before submitting the applications.


For your kind Information please.
Consul General 05 October 2017


In January and August 2015, people of Sri Lanka exercised their franchise

in a decisive manner, marking historic milestones in our country’s journey.

People in the north, south, east, west, and centre came together to vote for: a

change in Sri Lanka’s political culture against the politics of ethnic and religious

division and against extremism on all sides; against impunity; for a strong

democracy; for the rule of law and good governance; for reconciliation and

sustainable peace; equality; upholding, promoting and protecting human rights

of all and the pluralistic nature of our society; and for inclusive and equitable

growth and development of the country. These were the aspirations of the

people of Sri Lanka who voted to send a message to those who they elected

that the promise of strong democracy and democratic institutions, the promise

of reconciliation and sustainable peace and the promise of development, must

be fulfilled.


Some of our promises have already been fulfilled. Chief among them are the

restoration of Sri Lanka’s image on the international stage, the 19th amendment

to the constitution, the setting up of independent commissions, the Right

to Information Act, the restoration of the freedom of expression, public

consultations on the proposed reconciliation mechanisms and the constitution,

the setting up of the constitutional assembly, measures to rid our nation of

corruption and usher in a culture of good governance. We have taken vital

steps to reduce our debt burden, uplift the economic conditions of all citizens

and ease the cost of living. Providing salary increments for state and non-state

workers, increasing pension and Samurdhi payments, reducing the cost of

essential items such as petrol, gas and medicine, were some measures taken

by the Government to achieve the stated goals. Thus far more than 430,000 new

jobs have been created in our efforts to create a million jobs. On others, we

have initiated processes which are yet to reach fruition, but work continues with

diligence. As in all democracies, progress is often not made in straight lines. Sri

Lanka too, like all other countries in the world, is susceptible to the influence

of global developments, natural disasters, and related challenges, and faces

setbacks as a result.


However, as we now stand at the threshold of marking the 70th anniversary of

independence of our nation, we are determined and firm in our resolve to work

with constant, consistent effort and perseverance to ensure that we realise our

dream of a stable, peaceful, reconciled, and prosperous Sri Lanka, for all people

of our country, a dream that has eluded us for many years. This document sets

out the path we are taking to make that dream a reality.
Download VISION-2025 PDF Here